How To Ship Your Motorcycle Safely On A Budget

Ship Your Motorcycle

Shipping a motorcycle can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re working with a limited budget Ship Your Motorcycle. However, with some planning and research, you can find affordable motorcycle shipping options that will ensure your precious ride arrives at its destination intact. In this article, we’ll cover the different motorcycle shipping methods available, tips for preparing your bike, choosing a reputable carrier, and getting the best deal. By following these steps, you can feel confident your motorcycle will be transported safely even while staying within your shipping budget.

Motorcycle Shipping Methods

There are a few primary methods for shipping a motorcycle across land or sea. Understanding the pros and cons of each can help you determine the best option for your needs and budget:

Enclosed Transport

  • Fully enclosed truck or trailer provides maximum protection from weather elements.
  • Bike is protected on all sides by a hard shell.
  • More expensive than open transport due to added security.

Open Transport

  • Bike is strapped to an open flatbed truck or trailer.
  • Cheaper than enclosed but less protected from elements.
  • Bungee nets or tight straps help secure the bike.

Sea Freight

  • Motorcycle is containerized and shipped by boat.
  • Very long transit times, sometimes weeks.
  • Affordable for long distance international shipping.
  • More chance of rust or water damage during sea travel.

Car Carriers

  • Specialized trucks carry multiple vehicles.
  • Bikes are strapped down in individual slots.
  • Less secure than enclosed transport.
  • Cheaper than enclosed truck for long distances.

Preparing Your Bike for Shipping

Taking the time to properly prepare your motorcycle can help prevent damage during transport. Here are some key steps:

Drain Fluids

Remove gas from tank and drain oil, coolant, brake/clutch reservoirs. Mark drain plugs so they’re easy to identify for refilling.

Secure Components

Remove anything loose like mirrors, windshield, saddlebags. Tighten handlebars, mirrors, levers. Zip tie components in place if needed.

Cover Vulnerable Areas

Wrap plastic around forks, frame, tail section, and levers to protect from straps and debris. Duct tape works well.

Photograph Bike

Take detailed photos of your motorcycle from every angle before shipping to have proof of pre-existing condition.

Add Tank Bag

Carry important docs, tools, refill fluids in a tank bag to have on arrival for reassembly.

Choosing a Reputable Motorcycle Shipping Company

With the motorcycle ready, it’s time to select a carrier. Reputation is important to help ensure a safe delivery:

Research Online Reviews

Check review sites like Google, Yelp for ratings and experiences with top providers like UShip or BikeFlights.

Request Multiple Quotes

Get binding quotes from 3-5 companies factoring transit times, rates, additional fees.

Ship Your Motorcycle Check Insurance Coverage

Find a carrier that provides cargo insurance to cover repairs in case of an accident during transport.

Inspect Shipment Process

Ensure the company straps bikes safely, uses enclosed trailers when possible, and properly handles pick-ups/deliveries.

Getting the Best Price on Motorcycle Shipping

With some savvy shopping around, you can cut shipping costs significantly:

Negotiate Discounts

Carriers may offer 5-10% off for repeat customers or multiple vehicle shipments.

Ship Your Motorcycle Avoid Rush Fees

Planning ahead allows transit in regular carrier schedules versus inflated fast shipping.

Off-Season Travel

Winter/fall rates tend to be cheaper versus peak riding season spring/summer.

Drop-Off at Terminal

Not needing a courier pickup/delivery saves $100-200 depending on distance.

Ship Your Motorcycle Bargain Shipping Supplies

Shop deals on straps, padding, wrapping to cut freight preparation costs.

Ship Your Motorcycle Tracking Your Shipment

Confirm the carrier provides shipment tracking through their website or via text/email updates. Proactively follow the delivery status and communicate with the carrier about any delays.

Ship Your Motorcycle Taking Delivery

Inspect the bike thoroughly on arrival. Note any new damage on the delivery receipt. Reattach components, refill fluids, and do a test ride to ensure all is in working order.

Motorcycle Shipping Checklist:

Preparation Planning Execution
✓ Drain fluids

✓ Secure parts

✓ Protect with padding

✓ Photo documentation

✓ Research carriers

✓ Get multiple quotes

✓ Verify insurance

✓ Schedule pickup/delivery

✓ Get shipping estimate

✓ Track shipment online

With the right preparation and arranging transport through a reputable carrier, you can safely ship your motorcycle for its new destination even on a modest budget. Taking the time to plan ahead using these steps and tips will help ensure your pride and joy arrives ready to ride again.