5 Things You Need to Know Before Requesting an Open Car Transport Quote

Open Car Transport Quote

Are you planning to ship your car, but feeling overwhelmed by the open car transport process? Getting a quote is undoubtedly one of the first steps, but before you jump in headfirst, there are some crucial things you need to know. From understanding how quotes work, to knowing what affects pricing and delivery times, we’ve got five key tips that will help you make an informed decision. So grab a cup of coffee and read on for our top insights into requesting an open car transport quote!

What is closed vs open car transport?

Closed car transport means that the car is transported inside a closed vehicle, such as an ambulance or a moving truck. Open car transport means that the car is transported outside of a closed vehicle, such as in a moving van.

There are pros and cons to both closed and open car transports. Closed car transports are typically safer because there is less chance of injury if something goes wrong. Additionally, closed cars are typically easier to clean since they do not haveesame or dirt floors. Open car transports can be more cost-effective depending on your destination and the size of your vehicle.

How to start a local car hauling business?

If you are thinking of starting your own car hauling business, there are a few things you will need to know before requesting an open car transport quote. First, determine what you can and cannot transport. Some items that are not typically transported in a car include hazardous materials, large vehicles, and livestock. Second, research the available transportation services in your area. There are many different companies that offer car hauling services, so it is important to choose one that meets your specific needs. Finally, get quotes from several different providers to ensure you are getting the best deal.

What is an open carrier car?

Open carrier car transport is a type of transportation where the car is left open to the elements and transported by a driver who is not affiliated with the vehicle. This type of transportation can be more cost effective, but it comes with some risks that you should be aware of before making your request.

When requesting an open carrier car transport quote, make sure to include:
-The make, model, and year of your car
-The distance and time you need the car transported
-Your contact information including phone number and email

Some things to keep in mind when using open carrier cars are:
-Make sure to inspect the transport vehicle for damage prior to departure. Damage can occur during loading or unloading, so be prepared for any surprises.
-Be aware that open carrier cars can experience weather conditions that are different from those in a standard passenger vehicle. For example, wind can cause doors to fly open unexpectedly, temperatures can drop suddenly, and rain can create water accumulations inside the car.
-It’s important to have someone available in case something happens while your car is being transported. Always have a backup plan if something unexpected arises.

Should you ship your car open or enclosed?

Open car transport is the most common option, as it leaves your car exposed to the elements while in transit. However, this also means that your car can be damaged more easily if it experiences a mechanical issue en route. Enclosed transport is usually slightly more expensive, but it’s a better option if you’re worried about your car’s safety.

Should you tip car transport drivers?

Whether you’re picking up or dropping off a passenger at the airport, knowing the basics of tipping car transport drivers will help avoid any unpleasant surprises. Here are four things to keep in mind before requesting an open car transport quote:

1. Always tip based on the actual service provided. Car transport drivers may have had to wait for hours for your arrival, so it’s only fair to give them a bit extra for their patience.

2. Don’t overdo it – 10% is enough most of the time. Tipping too much can come across as greedy, and might actually be counter-productive since your driver may feel obligated to tip more than usual in order to make up for anything they missed during your stay.

3. Make sure your driver knows where you’re going – If you don’t give your driver a clear destination, they may start driving aimlessly around town in search of a place to drop you off (and then you’ll end up paying for that too). Stick to specific instructions if possible, or at least provide a general area (like “Near the airport”).

4. Accept no substitutes – If your driver isn’t available when you arrive, don’t try hailing one down from a nearby driveway – that could result in an expensive ride (or worse). Just call another car transport company and deal with the situation from there.


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• Customers can trust that the company will take care of their belongings during transport.
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• Open Car Transport Quote does not offer pickup or delivery services in some areas.
• Some customers have reported issues with the company’s customer service representatives.
• The transportation options offered by Open Car Transport Quote may not be suitable for all travelers.


Q. What is Open Car Transport?

A. Open car transport is a method of shipping vehicles that uses an open-air truck or trailer to transport your vehicle from one location to another.

Q. How long does Open Car Transport take?

A. The length of time it takes for open car transport depends on the distance of the shipment and other factors, such as weather and traffic. Generally, most shipments take about seven to 14 days.

Q. Is my vehicle safe during Open Car Transport?

A. Yes, your vehicle will be safely secured to the truck or trailer for the duration of the trip. We use specialized tie-down straps designed specifically for automotive transport that are designed to keep your vehicle secure and safe.

Q. Are there any restrictions for Open Car Transport?

A. Yes, vehicles must meet certain size and weight requirements in order to be eligible for open car transport. Vehicles also need to have all fluid levels checked and be operational before they can be loaded onto the truck or trailer.

Q. How much does Open Car Transport cost?

A. The cost of open car transport varies depending on the distance of the shipment, the vehicle make and model, and other factors. For an exact quote, please contact us directly.


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